VoQ online is online Quran learning, reading and memorization school.
 Our program will provide you step by step Quran learning with the rules of Tajweed and essential Islamic teaching for children and adults by well-trained tutors.
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We make Quran Learning easy and interesting!

Our courses:
  • Basic online Quran Reading
  • the Quran Reading with Tajweed
  • the Quran Memorization
  • the Quran Translation and Tafseer
Advantages of VoQ online:
  • Highly professional Quran tutors
  • 100% concentration on one student
  • Using screen sharing software for students convenience
  • Individual program of lessons for each student
  • Schedule of classes of your own choice
  • Learn Quran from comfort of your home
  • Reasonable cost
  • Discount programs

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Interactive Quran lessons with VoQ online

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The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) has said: "The best of those amongst you is the one who learns the Quran and then teaches it to others." (Al-Amali of Shaykh at-Tusi, Volume 1, Page 5)

There is no doubt that reading and understanding of the Quran is the one of the most important things for each Muslim. However, a lot of parents ask us:"What age is the best for starting Quran lesson for my child?"

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VoQ online is online Quran learning, reading and memorization school.

VoQ online is the shorter name of Voice of Quran online

VoQ online provides with one to one Quran learning lessons through professional Quran tutors. Our courses were designed to motivate young children and make their first learning of the Quran interesting and easy. Learn more...

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Please ask us questions interested to you through email info@voqonline.com or call 408 663 9247 for US and Canada; Alternatively use form to send us a message. We would be glad to answer you.
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