Ar-Rahmaan - The Most Beneficent This Name is describing the Lord with Mercy, Generosity, Kindness, and to the great expanse of His Mercy and Generosity that encompasses all that is existence being granted in accordance to what His Wisdom dictates.
Ar-Raheem - The Exceedingly Merciful
Al-Malik – The Absolute Ruler He is described with the Attribute of The Master and Owner. These are Attributes of Grandjeur, Majesty, Omnipotence and Regulation of the affairs of creation.
Al-Quddus – The Most Holy The One Who is far greater and far removed from any imperfection, or that He resemble any of His creation. Hence he is far removed from any defect just as He is far removed from anything resembling Him or coming close to resembling Him in any of His Attributes of Perfection.
As-Salam – The All-Peaseful
Al-Mumin – The Inspirer of Faith The One Who Has praised Himself with Perfect Attributes and with perfection of magnificence and beauty. The One Who sent His Messengers and revealed His Books containing signs and clear proofs.
Al-Muhaymin – The Protector The One Who sees all the hidden matters, all that the hearts keep concealed; the One Whose Knowledge encompasses everything.
Al-Aziz – The Mighty The One to Whom belongs might/honour in its entirety, the might/honour of strength, the might/honour of conquest and the might/honour of preventing.
Al-Jabbar – The Compeller The One Who is Compelling over dejected hearts, to the one who is weak and impotent, to the one who resorts to Him and seeks refuge with him.
Al-Mutakabber – The Supreme The One Who is above any evil, defect and deficiency due to His greatness and grandeur.
Al-Khaliq – The Creator The One Who created all that is in existence, Who made everything correct and in its place in accordance to His Wisdom, Who Shaped it in accordance to His praise and Wisdom. He is continuously doing so.
Al-Baree – The Maker of Order