Al-Ba'ith – The Resurrector Al-Ba`ith resurrects those in the graves, stirs things into motion, causes determination, manifests the knowledge of the unknown, brings His servants back to life, resurrects His creation on the Day of Judgment, Who records what the breasts conceal. Ba`th is the life hereafter.
Ash-Shahid – The Witness The One Who is Aware of everything. The One Who hears every voice in existence – the loud and quiet.
Al-Haqq – The Truth He is the Truth in His Essence and Attributes, He is the most necessary of existences, He is what the whole of existence needs to exist. He is the One Who was and is described with Magnificence, Beauty and Perfection.
Al-Wakil – The Trustee The One Who has the responsibility to dispose the affairs of the creation in accordance with His Knowledge, perfect Power and all- encompassing Wisdom.
Al-Qawiyy – The Most Strong
Al-Matin – The Forceful One
Al-Waliyy – The Protector Al-Waliyy can notes closeness, nearness, one who may be an ally, a neighbor, a guardian, a relative, etc. It also means the supporter, the beloved one.
Al-Hamid – The Praised One In His Person, Names, Attributes and Actions, He possesses the best of names and the most perfect of attributes and the best and most complete actions for indeed the Actions of Allaah are based upon Grace and Justice.
Al-Muhsi – The Appraiser This Attribute's meaning and derivations exist in several places; here are some examples: "...He has enumerated them and counted them a (full) counting." (Quran, 19:94)
Al-Mubdi – The Originator Allah says, "He Indeed, He begins the (process of) creation and then repeats it that He may reward those who have believed and done righteous deeds, in justice." (Quran, 10:4)
Al-Muid – The Restorer
Al-Muhyi – The Giver of Life Al-Muhyi creates life and grants it to whomsoever He pleases. He creates people out of nothing, then He brings them back to life when the Day of Judgment approaches after their death.