Dhul-Jalal wal-Ikram – The Lord of Majesty and Bounty Meaning the One possessing Greatness and Grandeur, possessing Mercy and Generosity. The One Who shows beneficence in both its general and specific aspects.
Al-Muqsit – The Equitable One Al-Muqsit is the Almighty Who is fair and equitable in all His decisions and decrees, Who deals with everyone according to a system.
Al-Jamee – The Gatherer Al-Jamee is an Attribute of Allah derived from jami`, its root word, which means: to gather, assemble, horde, or combine. The Day of Gathering is the Day of Judgment.
Al-Ghani – The Rich One He is Self-Sufficient completely and unrestrictedly, deference is given to His perfection and the perfection of His Attributes.
Al-Mughni – The Enricher
Al-Mani – The Preventer of Harm There is none who can prevent what He gives and none who can give what He prevents. Every thing that can bring goodness or benefit is sought and desired from Him.
Ad-Darr – The Creator of The Harmful Most references wherein these Attributes are discussed have combined both Attributes together.
An-Nafi – The Creator of Good
An-Nur – The Light The Light of the heavens and the earth, the One Who illuminates the hearts of the gnostics with knowledge of Him, faith in Him and His guidance.
Al-Hadi – The Guide He is the One Who guides and directs His servants towards all that would be of benefit to them and away from all that would bring them harm.
Al-Badee – The Originator Al-Badee is the Unique One; there is nothing similar to Him in His essence, qualities, or whatever He does; He has manifested the wonders that He has created as the most beautiful indications of His wisdom.
Al-Baqi – The Everlasting One The Absolute al-Baqi is the One the duration of Whom never ends, and such duration is described as abaci, perpetual, eternal, and endless.
Al-Warith – The Inheritor of All Al-Warith, Glory to Him, remains after the extinction of all beings. He inherits everything after the extinction of everyone and everything.
Ar-Rashid – The Righteous Teacher
As-Sabur – The Patient One