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Learn your Child How to Read QuranMother is the first teacher for child. One of the greatest gift which we, as Muslims and parents, can give to our children is knowledge of Islam and learning how to read Quran. We send them to school and pay for their education as we understand the importance of their worldly education, in the same way; we should be highly concerned about the teaching of the Quran to our children. Feeling the weight of responsibility on our shoulders, we are faced with many questions about the Quran teaching to our children. The main is: How to start Quran lessons for the child? What is right age to start Quran learning? Which way of Quran teaching should be chosen? Should your child go to mosque? or A Quran tutor would come to home? or You should introduce Quran to your child by yourself? or Use some online Quran learning services?

Here I try to get answer to these troubling questions. First of all, When to start? or What is the right age to begin Quran lessons for your kid? and by what age they have to finished? The answer is very simple! There is no certain age to start Quran learning or to finish it! It is believed that age of 4-5 years is ideal for starting Quran education. However, every child has its own pace of learning, please do not compare them with others, your cousin or neighbor had finish Quran at age of 7, and you still haven’t being 9 years old. Do not worry. Slow and steady wins the race. Just start Quran lessons for your child when you feel that they are ready. Only you know your child the best and only you can estimate if your child ready to start learning Quran.

Do you know how to motivate your child to start Quran learning? Here are some easy and useful tips:

  1. Be as example for your kids and allow them to follow you. Recite Quran daily, and make sure your kids are around you when you are reciting the Holy Book.
  2. Recite Quran in loud and with expression, this would make them attracted towards what you are reading.
  3. Try to make start and end of the day with “recitation of Quran”. Develop a habit of reciting Quran after Fajar and Isha before going to sleep. So that when your child opens his/ her eyes in the morning, the very first sound entering his ears is of Quran.
  4. Tell them stories of Quran. Your bed time story can be any one of described in Quran. And do give them reference of the story as Quran. This would urge them to look up into Quran themselves.
  5. Keep on telling them about reward of Quran recitation; tell that it makes Allah happy, Phrophet (pbuh) said that it’s best of learning, etc.

And when your child has started learning Quran, following tips would help you a lot:

  1. Don’t force your child to spend a lot of time on learning Quran. Let him do it at his own comfort level. For example, 10 minutes of dedicated and happy learning every day would be a lot better than an hour ones a week of learning by force, against the will of your child.
  2. Let them know that something very special will follow Quran time, like a good story or playtime with mom.
  3. Set goals, and rewards for achieving a goal.
  4. Remove all distracting during Quran lessons.
  5. Keep the mood loving during the learning process. Give your child lots of hugs and cuddles.
  6. Don’t punish them hard, or do not get tired of repeated mistakes of your child while learning Quran. Be patient. Every child has its own pace of work.
  7. You can encourage a healthy competition between your children.
  8. Make some short Quran revision sessions a day. Like one after Fajar and one before Asar prayer. This way if you miss one, you won’t feel badly.
  9. Keep interaction with the Quran teacher. Discuss progress of your child with tutor on regular basis. 

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