The Valley of Ants


The Prophet Sulayman or Solomon was the son of the Prophet Dawd or David. Dawd was a mighty king and ruled Jerusalem. He was given wonderful powers by Allah. When Sulayman grew up, he was blessed with prophethood and was also made king. Allahgave him special knowledge. He was able to understand the language of the birds. By Allah’s special favour, he could control the winds.

99He was also in control of the jinn. He used to employ them in whatever way he liked. One day Sulayman was passing through a valley at the head of his mighty army. In this valley there lived a large number of ants. Seeing the huge army coming, one of the ants loudly and hurriedly warned its fellow ants to run away from there. So he heard the ant’s plea and smiled.

Then he was suddenly startled by the throught of how merciful Allah had been to him. He turned to his Lord in praise and prayed: “O my Lord! Make me grateful to You for Your favours, which You have given me and my parents, and I will do what is right to please You. And by Your grace, make me one of Your righteous servants.”


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