The Gardens Watered with Running Stream



Long, long ago, there lived two friends, one a rich gardener, and the other a poor farmer. The gardener owned two beautiful, well-watered gardens full of flowers and all kind of fruits, especially grapes and dates. He thought all this was the result of his hard work and clever planning, rather than a blessing from Allah. One day he showed the poor farmer around his garden and proudly said to him, “I am richer than you and my clan is mightier than yours. And surely this will never perish! Nor do I believe that the hour of Doom will ever come.”


When the poor farmer saw his friend behave in this wicked way. he asked: “Have you no faith in Him who created you from dust. From a little germ and, fashioned you into a man? As for myself Allah is my Lord, and I will associate no one else with Him. Instead of entering the garden proudly, you should have acted humbly and said: “What Allah has ordained must surely come to pass: there is no strength except in Allah.”


The very next day calamity struck. The rich mans garden was laid waste. All the fruits were destroyed and the vines had tumbled down upon their trellises. Realising his mistake, he cried. “If only I had served no other gods besides my Lord!”


This story is meant to teach believers never to speak proudly, but to say in all humility, “Whatever Allah has ordained must surely come to pass: there is no power save with Allah.”


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