The Quran Revealed During Ramadan

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The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) would often sit alone in the cave of Hira, near Makkah. He would pray and meditate there, surrounded by nature, and would ask the Creator of the heavens and earth for answers to questions such as: “What is man’s true role in life? What does the Lord require of us? From where does man come, and where will he go after death?”

One night during Ramadan, the Prophet (pbuh) sat all alone as usual in the cave. Suddenly the angel Jibril (Gabriel) appeared before him in human form and taught him the very first verses of the Quran. The Prophet (pbuh) felt they were actually being written on his heart. The Quran thus began to be revealed by Allah to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). All this took 23 long years to complete. The Prophet (pbuh) began giving the message of the Quran to the people of Makkah, as ordered by Allah. But not many of them liked his teachings and they became his dire enemies. They all set out to harm him and his handful of followers.

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