Story of a Wonderful Baby (Part 1)

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Spring is a wonderful time. New saplings sprout up in the gardens. Fragrant flowers bloom forth all over. Colourful birds twitter about on the twigs, chirping ever sweet songs. Waves of smiles and happiness dominate everywhere. Dry and desolate lands begin to wear a gay and green look. The blissful spirit of health and happiness cheers even the most dull and the depressed faces.

As the days pass by spring’s radiance begins to fade and wane. Flowers wither away. Gardens soon look deserted. Then a day comes when flowers cease to emit fragrance and no birds sing on the trees. Until the next spring people are obliged to wait for the radiance of hope and happiness.

An Ever-Fragrant Flower

Over fourteen hundred years ago a wonderful spring had come to the people of the world. That spring had never withered away. During that unforgettable spring a sweet little flower had bloomed whose fragrance was simply reanimating. Spring comes and goes away. Then hot summer sets in. Autumn gives a depressing look. Cold waves surge right and left during winter. Life then seems to be deserting all plants and trees. Birds cease to chirp. Depression and dullness grip the minds of men.

But that memorable spring was quite different. No change was visible in the ever-increasing freshness that wonderous spring and its radiant flower fragrance kept on multiplying day by day. Waves of mild wind then carried the seeds and saplings of that fascinating flower to all gardens of the globe. Soon every part of the world was blossoming with a marvellous species of flowers whose freshness and fragrance were immortal. Around such stimulating flowers sweet never ceased to sing songs of life and love Their mallowing melodies bestowed vigour and vitality upon everyone around. Then a day dawned when that wonderful spring and its ever-fragrant flower transformed the very shape and temper of all humanity.

That unique flower still adores the gardens of the universe. People from all parts of the world relish its freshness. Years have rolled by since that spring flower bloomed. Its radiant fragrance has never ceased to increase and inspire.

Humanity is now unanimous to acknowledge that such a marvellous flower has neither bloomed before nor shall one like it ever bloom anywhere on this planet. The story of that wonderous flower is novel as well as stimulating.

Birth of a Blissful Being

That lovely flower bloomed forth in Makkah, the famed town of the Arabian peninsula, during a memorable spring. According to the local calendar it was Monday, 12th Rabi al-Awwal, the Year of the Elephant. The date, according to the Christian calendar, was April 22, 571 A.D. That was the august birthday of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the best of the humans ever born anywhere on earth.

His father was Abdullah and mother. Amina. Abdullah was an exceptionally good-natured man. Like her illustrious husband Amina too was a lady of high virtues. Prophet’s grandfather, Abdul Muttalib, was leader of the famed Quraish tribe and the honoured chief of Makkah. Prophet Muhammad thus had an exceptionally-noble ancestry on paternal as well maternal sides.

It was customary in Arabia during those days that after the marriage the bridegroom stayed for some time at bride’s residence. Accordingly, Abdullah stayed at Amina’s home for three days after their marriage. Then he returned to his own home along with his noble wife. After sometime he set out for Syria on a trade trip. On return he stayed at Madina. He fell sick there and died after a short while. He was buried at Madina.

When the sad news of his demise reached Makkah grief gripped Amina’s household. She went into a spell of acute depression and dejection. Chief Abdul Muttalib too was shocked by the untimely demise of his virtuous son.

Feasts and Jubilations

Time rolled on. After sometime a bright male baby was born to lady Amina. This lessened considerably her load of grief and depression.

When Prophet’s grandfather heard the news of the birth his joy knew no bounds. Winding up all engagements of the day he dashed to the residence of his noble daughter-in-law. He picked up the blessed baby in his arms and gave him a warm hug. Kissing him all the way he went straight to Kaabah. He expressed his gratitude to God and prayed for health and happiness of the new-born babe. Then he returned to Amina’s house and replaced the baby in her lap gently. After considerable thinking he named the baby as Muhammad. This is a sweet Arabic word meaning, “the praised one”. Although such unusual names were not in vogue at that time yet the great old chief felt pleased to choose it for his bright-looking grandson.

On the seventh day after the birth chief Abdul Muttalib sacrificed a nice camel and threw a big feast for the Quraish gentry. After the feast some curious guests inquired about the preference of a rather unusual name over the customary pattern of naming common in the area. To this Abdul Muttalib replied: “I wish the baby to be worthy of praise and appreciation of God and His people in heavens and on earth”.

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