Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – Part 6

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

The Quraysh’s Plot to Assassinate the Prophet (pbuh) Fails

The Quraysh were very upset by the emigration of the Muslims to Madinah. When they saw that the Prophet (pbuh) and his companions had helpers in Madinah, over whom they had no power, the Quraysh were alarmed by the emigration of the Muslims. They knew that if that happened, then they would have no means to stop it. They held a meeting at Dar An-Nadwah, their assembly place. Formerly, in that meeting, the Quraysh nobles consulted with one another on what to do concerning the Prophet (pbuh). The emigration of the Prophet (pbuh) and his companions to a rival city was very harmful to them.

Satan, who was in the guise of a venerable elderly man introduced himself as a man from Najd and attended their meeting to help plot against the Prophet (pbuh). Several proposals were put forward: Expulsion from Makkah, life imprisonment and assassination. Satan suggested that these proposals were of no use and supported Abu Jahl’s proposals to send a band of young men, one from each tribe, to strike the Prophet (pbuh) at the same time with their swords so that the blood money would be spread over them all and that Banu Abd Manaaf would not be able to fight them all.

When the iniquitous plot had been hatched, Almighty Allah sent down Angel Jibreel to the Prophet (pbuh) to reveal to him the Quraysh’s evil plot and to give him his Lord’s permission to migrate. He fixed to him the time of migration and asked him not to sleep on the night of migration in his usual bed. Ali o) would sleep in his bed in order to deceive the Quraysh who had become aware of the Prophet’s intention to leave Makkah.

The Migration of the Prophet (pbuh) to Madinah

At that time no Muslims were left in Makkah, except the Prophet (pbuh), Abu Bakr Ade, Ali ibn Abee Talib and those who were kept captives by the Quraysh. Abu Bakr was ready to migrate, but the Prophet (pbuh) asked him to wait for a while. So Abu Bakr postponed his departure for the sake of the Prophet (pbuh) so that he might keep his company.

The Prophet (pbuh) in the House of Abu Bakr

The Prophet (pbuh) used to go to Abu Bakr’s house everyday in the morning or evening, but never at noon. That day when the Prophet (pbuh) was given permission to migrate, he went to the house of Abu Bakr at around midday. This was an unusual visit at the hottest hour of the day.

When the Prophet (pbuh) entered, Abu Bakr offered him his seat. The Prophet (pbuh) then explained that Allah had given him permission to migrate to Madinah. “Together, O Allah’s Messenger?” Abu Bakr asked anxiously. “Together,” replied the Prophet (pbuh) Abu Bakr’s eyes were filled with tears of joy. He informed the Prophet (pbuh) that he had long since bought two she-camels for the journey. The two she camels were very well looked after by him. The Prophet (pbuh) paid the price of one of the two she-camels whose name was al-Qaswaa’.

Abu Bakr’s daughters made quick preparations for their journey. They put into a leather-bag some provisions for them. Asmaa the daughter of Abu Bakr, cut a girdle into two pieces and used one piece to tie the mouth of the leather-bag. She was, therefore, named Dhaat an-Nitaaqayn (the one with the two girdles).

The Murderous Plot Fails

Towards midnight, the murderous plotters gathered round the Prophet’s house, waiting for a suitable moment to strike. Ali  stayed behind to deceive the Quraysh who had become aware of the Prophet’s intention to leave Makkah. Allah’s Messenger as asked Ali (4e) to sleep in his bed and cover himself with the Prophet’s mantle. The Prophet (pbuh) assured him that nothing unpleasant would happen to him Ali’s other duty was to make sure that all the things given to the Prophet (pbuh) by the people of Makkah for safekeeping had been returned to their owners.

The Prophet (pbuh) quietly left the house. As he approached the plotters, he took a handful of dust and threw it at their heads, reciting the first nine verses of Surat Yaa seen. This had a mysterious effect on the plotters; it prevented them from seeing the Prophet (pbuh). In the early morning the plotters discovered that the Prophet (pbuh) had already left the house during the night.

The Prophet (pbuh) and Abu Bakr Leave Makkah

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Allah’s Messenger having avoided the besieging Quraysh, made his way to the house of Abu Bakr. Abu Bakr had obtained the services of a trustworthy guide, Abdullah ibn Urayqit, in readiness for the journey.

To avoid the watchful Quraysh, they left Makkah under the cover of darkness. They made their way southward, instead of northward the true direction of Madinah.

They avoided the main streets of the city, walking rather than riding, so as not to be seen. Once outside the city, they headed towards Mount Thawr, where they hid in a cave. Things were planned in advance. They were to hide safely in the cave for three days. The period of three days was sufficient for things to calm down and to remove the pursuers off the road.

Abu Bakr had asked his son Abdullah to bring them news of the Quraysh. He had also ordered his freedman Aamir ibn Fuhayrah to graze the family flock around the cave so as to remove the footprints made by Abdullah and Asmaa, his sister, as they came to the cave with news and fresh provisions.

When the Quraysh discovered that the Prophet (pbuh) had let leaving Ali in his bed, concealed behind his mantle, they became very angry. They offered a reward of a hundred she-camels to anyone who brought the Prophet (pbuh) back dead or alive. Their horsemen set out searching along every tract, every direction and every nook and corner of Makkah. The search for them intensified, as the news of the reward of a hundred she camels became known.

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