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Story of a Lovely Shephered (Part 2)

story about Muhammad (pbuh)

Shepherd Muhammad (pbuh) Seeking Recreation

Prophet Muhammad’s memoirs pertaining to the period of shepherding are interesting as well as instructive. One such episode has been narrated by the Prophet (pbuh) himself in these words: “I had no inherent at traction for all those pleasant pastimes that the Makkan pagans indulged in so fondly. On two occasions even when I had intended to enjoy those recreations God intervened in between me and my desires. Once I and another shepherd from the Quraish were tending our cattle over the hills of Makkah. I told my colleague that I was going to the city for the night in quest for some rest and recreation I requested him to take care of my goats as well. When the other shepherd consented I set out for the city. As I neared the very first house sweet melodies of flute and tambourine struck my ears. I was told that the inmates were busy celebrating a wedding function. I too went in and sat among them. I had hardly started enjoying the music when God suddenly shut my ears. Sound slumbers of sweet sleep overwhelmed me so completely that only the rays of the following morning’s sun could wake me up. I remained utterly unaware of the proceedings of that merry marriage party. Then I hastened to return to my companion in the hilly pasture and reported him the entire episode.”

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Story of a Lovely Shephered

story about Muhammad (pbuh)

On the untimely demise of young Muhammad’s mother the honour of looking after him fell rather exclusively to the lot of his grandfather, Abdul Muttalib. He undertook that responsibility with great affection and dedication. Unfortunately, however poor Muhammad (pbuh) had not yet recovered from the trauma of his loving mother’s death when his noble grandfather also breathed his least. The young boy was hardly eight then. His infancy was punctuated by a rapid succession of tearful tragedies. When he joined his grandfather’s funeral procession torrential tears trickled down his innocent cheeks. The lovely little boy presented a pathetic picture of grief and depression.

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The Good Manners of the Holy Quran Recitation

recite Quran - read Quran

Quran is the Book of Allah. It needs to be respected, in addition, we have to know the rules how to handle Quran. The rules are called Tilawa, everyone reciting the Quran have to follow them.

  1. Wudu (Ablution). Before Quran reciting perform Wudu. Allah says:

“None touch it (Quran) except the purified.”

(Quran, 56:79).

Once Ja‘far As-Sadiq asked his son Ismael to read the Quran. The latter Ismael said that he was not in Wudu. The father said in that case he could recite it but should not touch the writings of the Quran.

  1. Dua. Before you start reciting the Quran you should read Dua. It allows you to keep your focus and reminds us of what we need to take from the Book of Allah.
  2. Ask for refuge. When you start you recitation say at first: “A‘oodhubillaahi minash shaytaanir rajeem” (اَعُوْذُبا اللهِ مِنَ الشَّيْطَانِ الرَّجِيْم). It means: I seek refuge in Allah from the cursed Shaytaan. Allah says:

“So when you recite the Quran, [first] seek refuge in Allah from Satan, the expelled [from His mercy].”

(Quran, 16:98)

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Little Muhammad’s Early Childhood

Little Muhammad’s Early Childhood

Carrying baby Muhammad (pbuh) in her lap Haleema Saadia eventyally arrived at her ancestral village in the desert. The surrounding area being hit by a severe drought that year the shepherds experienced great difficulties in finding fodder for their herds. Consequently they were facing an acute milk shortage. Strange enough when Haleema’s goats returned home from the neighbouring pastures they overflowed with milk. When others milked their goats they seldom got any worthwhile yield. Haleema’s household had no such milk problem. Both the spouses as well as the children had plenty of the milk to drink.

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7 Good Habits that a Muslim Must Cultivate

Hadith Prophet Muhammad for Muslim

There are many good habits that a Muslim must train himself to adopt. Seven of these good habits are as follows:

  1. A good Muslim does not make a habit of swearing by Allah all the time, truthfully or otherwise. If he exercises this kind of self-control and trains his tongue accordingly, this will lead him to break the habit altogether, with or without intention.

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Story of a Wonderful Baby (Part 2)

prophet Muhammad childhood

Search for a Foster Mother

According to the customs prevalent among the Makkan elites a few days after birth the new-born babies were entrusted to the custody of rural womenfolk who specialized in the art of nursing the babies such desert-living ladies would visit Makkah periodically in caravans to carry away foster babies of their choices. They would then engage themselves in their feeding and upbringing in the free and bracing environment of the desert. When the foster babies grew a bit older they were returned to their parents. Foster mothers were rewarded by parents for their service.

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Story of a Wonderful Baby (Part 1)

prophet Muhammad birth

Spring is a wonderful time. New saplings sprout up in the gardens. Fragrant flowers bloom forth all over. Colourful birds twitter about on the twigs, chirping ever sweet songs. Waves of smiles and happiness dominate everywhere. Dry and desolate lands begin to wear a gay and green look. The blissful spirit of health and happiness cheers even the most dull and the depressed faces.

As the days pass by spring’s radiance begins to fade and wane. Flowers wither away. Gardens soon look deserted. Then a day comes when flowers cease to emit fragrance and no birds sing on the trees. Until the next spring people are obliged to wait for the radiance of hope and happiness.

An Ever-Fragrant Flower

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