Tips to Get Rewards Like after Hajj


Islam is the religion of Peace. It bases on the 5 pillars: faith, prayer, Zakat, fasting and Hajj. All of these pillars are our duties and each of them brings a lot of rewards when we perform it. Hajj washes out every previous sins and gifts great blessing. Hajj increases our harmony and patience and also strengthens our soil on the way of Allah.

Every Muslims seek to perform Hajj at least once in a lifetime. Unfortunately, some of them do not have any possibilities to perform it. Lack of health and wealth is excuse Hajj skipping. As Allah is Understanding and Forgiving He offers some substitute deeds, performing which you can get the same reward like after Hajj.

  1. Performing Wudu at Home before Namaz

The Messenger (pbuh) of Allah said: “One who purifies himself (i.e, makes wudhu) and leaves his home to attend the fardh salah in congregation receives the reward of a Haji in the state of Ihram, and if he leaves for the salaatu-Dhuhaa (Chaast) he gets the reward of ‘Umrah…”

(Abi Dawud)

Wudu is a required condition for performing any Salat. We clear not only our body through Wudu but also our soul. The Hadith above tell us that when we are going to Masjid performed Wudu, it is the same like we are wearing Ihraam (special dress, which is necessary for Hajj).

  1. Performing Isha Namaz in Masjid

The Prophet (pbuh) said: “Has Allah not rendered for you the ‘Ishaa’ prayer in congregation equal to Hajj, and the Fajr prayer in congregation equal to ‘Umrah?”


We have to perform 5 prayers during the day. All of them have great importance and bring remarkable benefits. However, Fajr and Isha prayers are the more significant. As their time is not easy to keep awake and performing them. Allah always highly appreciates and rewards our effort, which we make for His pleasure. That is why the Prophet (pbuh) compared the Isha prayer with the real performing of Hajj.

  1. Performing Salat ul-Ishraq

The Prophet (pbuh) said: “Whoever offers his Fajr salah in congregation, and then remains seated making the dhikr (remembrance) of Allah until (approximately 15 minutes after) sunrise after which he offers two rak’ats of salah (Ishraaq), will receive the reward of one complete Hajj and one complete ‘Umrah”


Fajr prayer is very important part of our worship. It is one of the main sign of our obedience to the will of Allah. To increase the benefits from Fajr it is worth to stay awake some time after and wait for salat ul-Ishraq. The suitable time for it is when the sun has just risen. It is supererogatory prayer but performing it allow us to received the same rewards from Allah as performing Hajj and Umra.

  1. Looking after Parents

Once, a man told the Prophet (pbuh): “I wish to participate in pilgrimage, but I cannot afford it.” The Messenger (pbuh) of Allah asked, if his parents were alive, and received the reply: “Yes! My mother is alive”. Then the Prophet (pbuh) said:

“Show Allah how you serve her. If you do so (duly) you will be like a: Haaji, a Mu’tamir (one doing ‘Umrah) and a Mujaahid (One striving in Allah’s way).”


There are a lot of Verses of the Holy Quran which describe great importance of respect and care towards our parents. They’ve brought up us with great love. We have to remember it every day of our life and to pay them back when they get old. The Hadith above show us that looking after parents is eqval to Hajj performing.

  1. Fulfillment Umrah during Ramadan

The Messenger (pbuh) of Allah said: “Umrah in Ramadhan equals the reward of Hajj with me”.


Nowadays, Alhamdulillah, Muslim community is so big. There are not enough places for accommodation all people in Mahhak who wish for Hajj. Umrah is the small pilgrimage and it brings half of Hajj benefits from Allah. However, if you perform Umrah during Ramadan, you will get the same rewards like after Hajj. The reason is that fasting during Ramadan makes performing Umrah is very hard. Generally great difficulties bring great blessings from Allah.

Now you can see that Islam is very flexible and offer us a lot of form of substitute acts for Hajj. However, we have to keep in mind that, if we have opportunity to carry out Hajj, it is the best to make it.


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