The Contemporary Ways of Quran Learning

Way to Learn Quran

Nowadays Islamic world has changed. Alhamdulillah, current technologies open new way for spreading Islam and sharing the message of Allah to a global world through facilitating of Islamic education. The changes affected the Quran learning process too. Here I describe the benefits of modern ways Quran learning.

The importance of Quran learning is confirmed by the words of the Book of Allah:

“[This is] a Book revealed to you, [O Muhammad] – so let there not be in your breast distress therefrom – that you may warn thereby and as a reminder to the believers.”

(Quran, 7:2)

This verses show us that the Quran was sent to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to relieve hardship and suffering from the people and to faced them to the Truth. The Quran urges us to remember about our Lord. The Message reminds every Muslims how we have to live or life to the best serving to Allah. The Holy Words explain us what will be after the death. Therefore, this is one of the most important things for every Muslims to learn Quran.

The Old-fashion Ways of Quran Learning

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) was the first Quran teacher and his Companions was the first Quran students. From that time Quran learning was closely linked with Mosques and Madrassas where Quran teachers pass on the torch of Quran wisdom. The students had to go to the teacher and had lessons every day, or they often lived in the Madrassas. This traditional way of Quran learning still available now, especially it is widely spread in the Islamic countries. There are not enough Mosques and Madrassas in the Western countries, as a result the developing new methods of Quran teaching.

Quran Apps

The smartphones drastically change all parts of our life, including learning. They open the contemporary and independent way to Quran learning. There are a lot of Quranic Apps which can be very useful to start Quran learning. These Apps have plenty of specific features which make Quran learning more interesting and easier. The features include:

  1. Word by word. The learning method is absolutely necessary for Quran learning. This features especially important for beginners as it allow learn correct pronunciation, letters’ combination, eliminated sound etc.
  2. Transliteration. It is very important to recite Quran with the correct pronunciation. Using transliteration allows non Arabic speakers avoid any mispronunciation.
  3. Audio. The features also aimed on the learning of correct pronunciation. Using beautiful recitation from the famous Quran recite is not only help to learn correct pronunciation but also increase motivation of students.
  4. Translation. It is definitely important not only learn how to read Quran but also understand the Its Ideas and Wisdom. Therefore translation feature has significant role for better following the learning of Islam.

Online Quran Learning

Onlene Quran School is the best modern way of Quran learning for Muslim who lives far away from any mosque. There are a lot of Quran academies and VoQ online (it means Voice of Quran online) is one of the best with highly qualified Quran teachers and individual teaching program for each student. Moreover, below you can find different features of education process of VoQ online which make this Quran academy the best:

  1. One to one lessons. VoQ online provides only one to one learning session. It guarantees that teacher attention will be totally focused on the student. As a result all mistakes will be corrected and all misunderstanding will be removed.
  2. Lessons’ schedule. VoQ online works 24 hrs. It means than Muslim all over the world can take their classes in the convenient time. It is only you who decide how many classes per week you want, and what exactly day and time you need it.
  3. Comfort of your own home. With VoQ online you can learn Quran at your own home with the comfort and saving time. All you need it is internet connection and a Skype Id and you can start your Quran lessons immediately.
  4. Best for children. Online Quran lessons with VoQ online are the best for children as you can follow their progress and control the information which they get from the teacher. All Quran tutors of VoQ online is highly professional Qari and take part in the regular Quran teachers trainings aimed on the improving methods of working with kids.

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