Belief in Allah – Part 2

Belief in Allah

Some Manifestations of Allah’s Attributes

Allah Alone is the Sustainer – the Lord (ar-Rabb). He is the One without any partners in His Kingdom. He is the Only Creator and the True Owner of creation. He is the Only One who nourishes, sustains and maintains His Creation. He created everything by Himself, and total power belongs to Him Alone. Everything that happens in this creation happens by His permission and will. Sustenance and provisions are from Him alone. Life and death are in His Hands, and all bounties come from Him alone.

He commands and forbids. He causes death and gives life. He changes the day into night and alternates the days of people and nations, replacing one with another. He creates and designs. Things occur according to His will. Whatever He wills comes into being at the time and in the manner He Wills it. His order and His decree are fulfilled in the heavens, in the farthest reaches of the earth and beneath it, in the seas, the skies and in every other part of the universe. He encompasses all things with His knowledge. He keeps count of every single thing.

He envelops all things with His Mercy and Wisdom. His Hearing encompasses all voices, yet they do not blend into each other or resemble each other. Rather, He hears the clamour of all the various tongues, in all the countless languages, distinct in their countless supplications. None of His creatures distracts Him from another, nor does He confuse their innumerable pleas, nor does the tone of the supplicants’ voices repulse Him.

His Sight envelops everything; He sees the smallest black ant upon a piece of coal in a moonless, dark night. The hidden for Him is visible and the secret is public. He knows what is more hidden than a secret. He knows what is secret and contained in a person’s mind, conceived in his heart, which is not yet uttered by his lips. He knows even what his heart has not yet intended. He knows that this person will have the intention to do such-and-such a thing at such-and-such a time.

To Allah belong the creation and the command. To Him belong the kingdom and praise. To Him belong this world and the next. To Him belong grace, blessing and respect. In His Hand is all good and to Him all affairs return. His power encompasses everything. His grace extends to all living things. Those in the heavens and the earth ask Him. Everyday, rather every moment, He manifests Himself in a wondrous way! All depend upon Him for their safety and sustenance. He forgives sins, relieves problems and removes woes. He makes the poor rich, bestows knowledge on the ignorant, guides those who have gone astray, directs the confused, aids the desperate, frees the captive, feeds the hungry, clothes the naked and heals the sick. He pardons the one who has been tried. He accepts repentance from His repentant slaves, rewards the righteous and helps the oppressed. He humbles the arrogant, steadies the one who stumbles and gives safety from fear. He does not sleep, nor does drowsiness or sleep overtake Him.

To Him do the deeds of the night ascend before those of the day, and the deeds of the day before those of the night. His Veil is light. Were He to lift it, the vision of His Face will consume all in creation that gaze. He is the Giver of all bounties, and giving does not lessen in the least what He possesses. The heart and the forelocks of every creature are in His Hand. The whole earth will be in His grasp on the Day of Judgment, and all the heavens will be gathered in His Right Hand. The earth will shine bright with His Light on the Day of Judgment.

On the Day of Resurrection, He will grasp the earth [by His Hand] and will roll up the heaven with His Right Hand and will say, “I am the King. Where are the kings of the earth?”


No sin is too great for Him to forgive. There is no need too great for Him to fulfil. And if all those in the heavens and the earth, from the beginning to the end of creation, human beings and jinn alike, had the heart of the most pious one among them, it would not add to His Kingdom in the least. And if all those in the heavens and the earth, human beings and jinn, living and dead, were gathered on a single vast plain and asked from Him and He gave each one of them whatever they asked, this would not lessen even by a tiny particle what He possesses!

If all the trees on earth, from the beginning to the end of time, were pens; if all the seas and seven other seas added to them were ink and those pens were to write in that ink, both the pens and ink would run out but the words of the Creator would not. He is the First before whom there is nothing. He is the Last after whom there is nothing. He is the Inward above whom there is nothing. He is the Outward beneath whom there is nothing. Glorified and Exalted is He!

He is most worthy to be invoked, worshipped and praised. He is the first to be thanked; the One whose support is most desired. He is the Most Generous of those who possess whatever He has bestowed upon them, the Most Merciful of those who have power and the Most Just of those who are just. With His might comes His forgiveness; with His withholding comes wisdom and with His Knowledge comes pardon. No one has a real right upon Him. If He punishes any of His creatures, it is in His total justice; and if He blesses any of them, it is out of His unbounded generosity and grace.

There is no one to withhold what He gives and no one to give what He withholds! There is no one to guide whomever He leads astray and no one to lead astray whomever He guides. There is no one to permit what He forbids and no one to forbid what He permits. There is no one to hold far what He brings near. He is the Supreme Lord without a partner. He is Unique without equal. He is the Eternally Existent without a son or a mate. He is the One without comparison or kind. Everything perishes except His Face, every kingdom fades except His Kingdom, every sheltering shade except His will be withdrawn and every grace except His Grace has a limit.

None obeys except by His permission and mercy. None sins except by His knowledge and judgment. When He is obeyed He is Grateful, and when He is disobeyed He overlooks and excuses! His anger is always just. His blessings are always by His Grace. For Him all hearts and secrets are open and the hidden is evident. When He wills something He merely says: Be! And it is!

There is nothing similar to Him, and He is the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing.

Hence, every rite of worship, be it prayer, fasting, pilgrimage, sacrificing an animal, vowing and so forth, must be done solely for the sake of Allah. Similarly, all supplications and prayers must be directed to Him alone. If someone does any of these acts for someone other than Allah, he is negating his tawheed. These acts include putting one’s trust in Allah, fearing only Allah and devoting oneself only to Him.

Furthermore, in order for one’s tawheed to be correct, one must reject and deny any form of taaghoot, false gods or false objects of worship.

To conclude: Islam requires complete submission to Allah Alone. Whoever submits his will completely to Him as well as to someone or something else has actually committed the sin of shirk. Shirk (associating others with Allah in worship) is an unpardonable sin which opposes true faith. Those who commit such a sin are disbelievers.

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