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Kindness to Animals

Kindness to Animals in Islam

Allah the Almighty is the Creator of everything. Everything belongs to Him. He created animals for our benefit, and so we have duties towards them. We will be accountable to Allah on the Day of Judgement for their proper treatment.

Animals Have Rights

Animals have rights in Islam. Allah created human beings for a purpose and created animals for a purpose. Part of our duty towards animals is to treat them kindly, Allah allows us to use some of these animals for our benefit, but this does not mean that we can treat these animals cruelly or make them work beyond their capacity.

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Easy Steps to Improve Your Life

Do you always dream of the years ahead when you will hit your first million, memorise the Qur’an, or break some world record? Or perhaps you jump, to a few months ahead – getting published, married or launching an online business.

The reality is that tomorrow may never come. And those dreams may remain just as they are – Dreams!!! So while it is OK to dream, you need to wake up and build rewarding habits that will aid you towards your goals.

Since new habits take time and consistency, make it a priority so you can capitalize on your youth. Use it for practice upon practice. Don’t take your youth for granted.

Let’s get started with some simple actions…

 1. Avoid Complaining

This world is far from perfect and you can’t always have what you want. Rather than dwell on what is wrong, focus on the good and be thankful for every blessing of your youth. And remember, this life is a test.

Quran, 21:35


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