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7 Good Habits that a Muslim Must Cultivate

Hadith Prophet Muhammad for Muslim

There are many good habits that a Muslim must train himself to adopt. Seven of these good habits are as follows:

  1. A good Muslim does not make a habit of swearing by Allah all the time, truthfully or otherwise. If he exercises this kind of self-control and trains his tongue accordingly, this will lead him to break the habit altogether, with or without intention.

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Story of a Wonderful Baby (Part 2)

prophet Muhammad childhood

Search for a Foster Mother

According to the customs prevalent among the Makkan elites a few days after birth the new-born babies were entrusted to the custody of rural womenfolk who specialized in the art of nursing the babies such desert-living ladies would visit Makkah periodically in caravans to carry away foster babies of their choices. They would then engage themselves in their feeding and upbringing in the free and bracing environment of the desert. When the foster babies grew a bit older they were returned to their parents. Foster mothers were rewarded by parents for their service.

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Story of a Wonderful Baby (Part 1)

prophet Muhammad birth

Spring is a wonderful time. New saplings sprout up in the gardens. Fragrant flowers bloom forth all over. Colourful birds twitter about on the twigs, chirping ever sweet songs. Waves of smiles and happiness dominate everywhere. Dry and desolate lands begin to wear a gay and green look. The blissful spirit of health and happiness cheers even the most dull and the depressed faces.

As the days pass by spring’s radiance begins to fade and wane. Flowers wither away. Gardens soon look deserted. Then a day comes when flowers cease to emit fragrance and no birds sing on the trees. Until the next spring people are obliged to wait for the radiance of hope and happiness.

An Ever-Fragrant Flower

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Kindness to Animals (Part 2) – Beasts of Burden

Kindness to Animals in Islam

Beasts of burden are animals such as donkeys, horses or oxen which are used to carry or pull things. Alah’s Messenger (pbuh) said, “Fear Allah in treating dumb animals.” (Abu Dawood)

Once the Prophet (pbuh) saw a camel that started weeping with a yearning sound, so he went to it and went on wiping its head until it became silent. Then he went to its owner and said to him, “Will you not fear Allah with respect to this beast which Allah has given you? It has complained to me that you keep it hungry and load it with heavy burdens that tire it out.” (Ahmad and Abu Dawood: saheeh)

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Kindness to Animals

Kindness to Animals in Islam

Allah the Almighty is the Creator of everything. Everything belongs to Him. He created animals for our benefit, and so we have duties towards them. We will be accountable to Allah on the Day of Judgement for their proper treatment.

Animals Have Rights

Animals have rights in Islam. Allah created human beings for a purpose and created animals for a purpose. Part of our duty towards animals is to treat them kindly, Allah allows us to use some of these animals for our benefit, but this does not mean that we can treat these animals cruelly or make them work beyond their capacity.

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The Prophet Muhammad’s Message of Peace

Stories for kids from the Quran - The Prophet Muhammad's Message of Peace

A great of the Prophet’s mission was to bring peace to the world. One way of doing so was to convince people that all men and women, although living in very different regions of the world, and seemingly different from one another in color, culture and language, etc., were in fact each other’s blood brothers and sisters. The Prophet would preach to his followers: “You are all Adam’s offspring and Adam was made of clay.” And in his prayers to his Creator, he would say, “O Lord, all your servants are brothers.”

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Perfecting our Character (Part 2)

Good moral character - Islam

What guidance do we get from the life of the Prophet

Abdullah goes to your school. He is your friend but he is in another class. He does not come to school everyday. You assume that he must be ill. At dinner time, you drop in on him to see how he is. You find him sitting in the living room reading something. He seems all right, but when you ask him how he is, he bursts into tears. He tells you that another boy in his class is making his life miserable – calling him names, making snide remarks, hiding his things and hitting him. He is so upset that he stayed away from school. Can you help Abdullah? Decide what advice you would give him in the light of the Prophet’s noble teachings.

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The Bird and the Spider’s Web

Stories for kids from the Quran - The Bird and the Spider's Web

One night, at his Lord’s behest, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) left Makkah for Madinah along with Abu Bakr, on camel back, so as to escape to being murdered by certain Makkans who resented the success of his message. To throw the attackers off the scent, they left Ali Ibn Abi Talib lying in the Prophet’s bed. Once out of Makkah, they sheltered in the nearby cave of Thawr. On their third day there, Abu Bakr trembled at the approach of a search party. But the Prophet (pbuh) consoled Abu Bakr by saying that Allah was with them. Their pursuers soon having gone away, they looked out of the cave and were amazed to see a newly spun spiders web across the entrance and a newly built pigeon’s nest to one side of it.

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Good Moral Character

Good Moral Character in Islam

Good moral character is the most excellent of all virtues. In fact, it reveals the essential nature of people. Once Allah’s Messenger (pbuh), said, “The most excellent believers in faith are those who have good moral character.” (Al Tabaraanee)

Allah has distinguished His Messenger Muhammad (pbuh) by blessing him with certain miracles and exceptional virtues. Yet He has not praised him of any of his special qualities to the same extent as He has praised him for his great moral character. Allah says,

“And indeed, you are of a splendid moral character.”

(Quran, 68:4)

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The Quran Revealed During Ramadan

Stories for kids from the Quran - The Quran Revealed

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) would often sit alone in the cave of Hira. near Makkah. He would pray and meditate there, surrounded by nature, and would ask the Creator of the heavens and earth for answers to questions such as: “What is man’s true role in life? What does the Lord require of us? From where does man come, and where will he go after death?”

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