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Belief in the Messengers of Allah

The Reason behind Raising Muhhamad (pbuh)

The fourth article of faith is the belief in the Messengers of Allah.

To believe in Allah’s Messengers means to believe with certainty that Allah sent a messenger to each nation, calling them to worship Allah alone and not to associate any partners with Him in worship.

All Messengers were Human Beings

All the prophets and messengers were human beings chosen by Allah to receive revelations from Him. They were commanded to pass on these revelations to people of their time. A person cannot by himself attain Prophethood or Messengership through spiritual exercises or personal efforts. It is Almighty Allah alone who chooses His Messengers and He alone knows best whom to choose.

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Belief in the Angels – Part 2

Belief in the Angels

The Supplications of those Angels who are very Close to Allah

The Quran says, “Those [angels] who carry the Throne and those around it exalt [ Allah ] with praise of their Lord and believe in Him and ask forgiveness for those who have believed, [saying], “Our Lord, You have encompassed all things in mercy and knowledge, so forgive those who have repented and followed Your way and protect them from the punishment of Hellfire. Our Lord, and admit them to gardens of perpetual residence which You have promised them and whoever was righteous among their fathers, their spouses and their offspring. Indeed, it is You who is the Exalted in Might, the Wise.”

(Quran, 40:7-8)

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Belief in the Angels – Part 1

Belief in the Angels

Belief in the angels is another fundamental belief that forms the cornerstone of eemaan – faith. When Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) was asked by Angel Jibreel, “What is Faith?” He replied, “It is to believe in Allah, His Angels, His Books, His Messengers, the Last Day, and to believe in the Divine Decree (al-qadar), both the good and the bad of it.” (Muslim)

Belief in the Angels, therefore, is the second article of faith.

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Belief in Allah – Part 2

Belief in Allah

Some Manifestations of Allah’s Attributes

Allah Alone is the Sustainer – the Lord (ar-Rabb). He is the One without any partners in His Kingdom. He is the Only Creator and the True Owner of creation. He is the Only One who nourishes, sustains and maintains His Creation. He created everything by Himself, and total power belongs to Him Alone. Everything that happens in this creation happens by His permission and will. Sustenance and provisions are from Him alone. Life and death are in His Hands, and all bounties come from Him alone.

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Eemaan (Faith)

The essential elements of eemaan

What is Eemaan?

What is true eemaan, or faith? Who is a true believer (mu’min)? What are the essential elements, or articles, of eemaan? These questions are of vital importance. In fact, this is what Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) explained to Angel Jibreel when the latter asked him about eemaan.

When Angel Jibreel asked the Prophet (pbuh), “What is faith (eemaan)?” He replied, “It is to believe in Allah, His Angels, His Books, His Messengers, the Last Day, and to believe in the Divine Decree (al-qadar), both the good of it and the bad of it.”

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Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – The Last Prophet

Prophet Muhammad

The Seal of all the Prophets

Prophethood came to an end with Muhammad (pbuh ), whom Allah made the “seal of all the Prophets” (khoofcm an-nabiyyeen) and by whom the religion (deen) was completed and perfected. The words of Allah were finally revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) through Angel Jibreel over a period of twenty-three years, from the age of forty to sixty-three, when he passed away.

The Quran states, “This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion.”

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Khadijah bint Khuwaylid

Quran and rose - Khadijah bint Khuwaylid

She was Khadijah bint (daughter of) Khuwaylid ibn (son of) Asad ibn Abd-ul-Uzzaa ibn Qusayy. Khadijah was of the Quraysh. The lineage of the Prophet (pbuh) meets with her in the celebrated Qusay. Qusay was the great founder of Makkah and was the famous patriarch of the Quraysh.

When Khadijah heard of the Prophet’s wonderful moral conduct, she requested him to head her trading caravans. When he went on a business trip to Syria along with her trusted slave Maisarah, this trip proved extremely profitable. During the journey, Maisarah noticed wonderful qualities in the Prophet (pbuh), such as honesty, adherence to noble principles, agreeable dealings and business skills. The Prophet (pbuh) succeeded very well in his business mission. The profits were unusually high.

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Tips to Get Rewards Like after Hajj


Islam is the religion of Peace. It bases on the 5 pillars: faith, prayer, Zakat, fasting and Hajj. All of these pillars are our duties and each of them brings a lot of rewards when we perform it. Hajj washes out every previous sins and gifts great blessing. Hajj increases our harmony and patience and also strengthens our soil on the way of Allah.

Every Muslims seek to perform Hajj at least once in a lifetime. Unfortunately, some of them do not have any possibilities to perform it. Lack of health and wealth is excuse Hajj skipping. As Allah is Understanding and Forgiving He offers some substitute deeds, performing which you can get the same reward like after Hajj.

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Importance of Reading the Quran With Translation

Benefit of Quran reading

Allah gave us His wisdom through the Holly Quran. The Book is the complete life manual, which contains the direct instruction how to achieve the success in present life and hereafter. Reading the Quran is one of the holy duties for Muslims all over the world. Allah said:

 “So when the Quran is recited, then listen to it and pay attention that you may receive mercy.”

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