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The Kabah: The First House of Worship (Part 2)

Kiswah of KaabaThe Kiswah: The Cover of the Kabah

The back cloth, which covers the Kabah is called Kswah. It is woven from a mxture of sk and cotton and is embroldered with verses from the Quran in gold thread in bands around the top.

The Kiswah, which is changed every year, used to be woven in Caro, but now it made in Makkah. in a factory located in Umm aj-Joud, a suburb of Makkah.

The Kiswoh consists of 450 kilograms of pure which is dyed black and embroidered with gold and silver threads.The Kiswah is tied to the ground with copper rings. These days the Kabah is washed twice with perfumed water, once in Ramadan, and once before the Hal season.

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The Kabah: The First House of Worship (Part 1)


The Kabah: The First House of Worship

The Kabah is the oldest house of worship on earth. Every year more than two and a half million Muslim pilgrims from all over the world come to Makkah to perform the rites of hajj. The do tawaaf around the Kabah with devotion and hope of Allah’s mercy. During the month of Ramadan. more than million Muslims journey to Makkah’s Grand Mosque for Umrah. In fact. people go to Makkah for Umrah all year round.

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