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The Queen’s Throne



One day, the hudhud or hoopoe said to the Prophet Sulayman (who understood the language of the birds): Thave just seen something you know nothing of. I come to you from faraway Sheba (Yemen), where I found a woman ruler. She is blessed with every virtue and has a splendid throne. But she and her subjects worship the sun instead of Allah with this the hudhud praised Allah: “There is no deity save Allah! He is Lord of the Supreme Throne!” Sulayman gave a letter to the hudhud asking him to deliver this to the Queen. After receiving the letter the Queen sent some valuable gifts which Sulayman refused to accept. Then she herself set out to meet Sulayman In the meanwhile, Sulayman asked his people: “Which one of you can bring me the Queen’s throne before she arrives here?” A very powerful jinn. Ifrit volunteered, “I will bring it to you before you rise from your seat.”

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The Valley of Ants


The Prophet Sulayman or Solomon was the son of the Prophet Dawd or David. Dawd was a mighty king and ruled Jerusalem. He was given wonderful powers by Allah. When Sulayman grew up, he was blessed with prophethood and was also made king. Allahgave him special knowledge. He was able to understand the language of the birds. By Allah’s special favour, he could control the winds.

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The Great King and the Iron Wall


Long, long ago, during the sixth century B.C. King Dhul Qurnayn ruled the lands from the Aegean Sea to the Indus River. He was just and righteous, protecting the weak and punishing the law-breakers. When he took his armies to the North East of Iran, he reached the Caucasus mountain range which runs between the Caspian and the Black Seas.

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Ten tips to prepare you and your family for Ramadan

  1. Prepare for Ramadan Write a shopping list for the whole month of Ramadan so you can buy all essential goods for in good time and you can spend less time during the holy month rushing around. So you preserve energy and will be more focused on your religious rituals and spiritual development.
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Teach Your Child the Quran

Learn your Child How to Read QuranMother is the first teacher for child. One of the greatest gift which we, as Muslims and parents, can give to our children is knowledge of Islam and learning how to read Quran. We send them to school and pay for their education as we understand the importance of their worldly education, in the same way; we should be highly concerned about the teaching of the Quran to our children. Feeling the weight of responsibility on our shoulders, we are faced with many questions about the Quran teaching to our children. The main is: How to start Quran lessons for the child? What is right age to start Quran learning? Which way of Quran teaching should be chosen? Should your child go to mosque? or A Quran tutor would come to home? or You should introduce Quran to your child by yourself? or Use some online Quran learning services? Continue reading