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Tips to Waking Up For Fajr

The tips, which you need to use to wake up for Fajr, vary from person to person, depending on what prevents a person from waking up. I offer you to prepare for Fajr on physical, mental and spiritual level.

Physical Preparations

1) winding down before bed and sleeping early,
2) setting multiple alarms out of one’s immediate reach,
3) simplifying one’s bedding,
4) drinking ample water so one is forced to the washroom, or
5) having a family member or friend wake you up when they rise.

These are some of the main suggestions, of which sleeping early is perhaps the most common remedy.

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Give Meaning to Your Salah

Happiness is  in SalahWhy do you pray?

Do you pray because you need something? Do you pray because you want something? Do you pray because you are just told so? Come, think of it, ask yourself, why do you pray?

Many thoughts are coming now to your mind.
We have all our own reasons why we pray to Allah, but before anything else, let it be known that you pray because it is not because you are told so but because you are obliged to do so, it is the first pillar of Islam.

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