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Jesus and his Miracles

Islamic stories about lives of prophets - Jesus and his Miracles
Imran was a learned and pious man, a descendant of the prophet David and brother-in-law to the prophet Zachriah Imran was one of the elders of his people and was held in great respect by them. He was often consulted on difficult matters and his advice always showed great wisdom. Now, Imran and his wife longed for children and they had none. They frequently prayed to God for a child, and lmran’s wife promised that if they had a child she would consecrate it to the service of the temple.

Imran’s wife became pregnant and with great joy and longing she awaited the birth of her child. When her time came, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl whom she named Mary:

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Zachariah and John

Zachariah and John

Over the years, God sent many prophets to the Children of Israel in order to guide them back to the right path and remind them of His favours. But as is the nature of the people, they eventually forgot the teachings of their prophets and became distracted by the affairs of the world so that they cared little about religion. Many prophets followed David and Solomon, and one of them was Zachariah.

God had endowed Zachariah with great knowledge and wisdom, and had commanded him to urge his people to follow the right path and to worship God alone. Most of the people were merely concerned with amassing money; only a few remained good and righteous. Zachariah started preaching the message of God. It was his habit to preach during the day and to spend his nights in prayer.

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Jonah and the Whale

Islamic stories about lives of prophets - Jonah and the Whale

Like Job, Jonah was a descendant of Abraham through his son Isaac It is related that Jonah was sent by God as a prophet to the people of Ninevah, a city in the north of present-day Iraq, to summon them to belief in the One God. For many years, Jonah tried hard to guide his people, But they refused to listen to the message he brought, nor would they listen to his warnings of the wrath of God, and the terrible punishment they would suffer if they continued stubbornly to disbelieve. Their only answer was, “We shall not pay heed to your call, nor shall we be frightened by your threats. Indeed, if you speak the truth then bring upon us the punishment you promise.” And in response to his sincere and truthful guidance, Jonah only received curses and ill-treatment from his people.

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Job and his Patience

Islamic stories about lives of prophets - Job

Job was a prophet, a descendant of Abraham through his son Isaac. God gave Job everything that people desire on earth. He gave him wisdom and piety, the love and respect of people, much wealth, land and cattle, a large family and many friends. Job was ever-grateful for all the blessings that had been bestowed upon him, and praised God much.

Such humble, sincere and devout worship of God enraged Satan, who tried in every way possible to turn Job away from remembering his Lord. But no matter how hard he tried, Job remained steadfast in his faith. Not for a moment did he turn away from worshipping God. Satan could not believe that he had managed to lead Adam astray in Paradise and had not been able to succeed with Job Satan then swore that he would redouble his efforts.

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Islamic stories about lives of prophets - Solomon

When David died, his son Solomon inherited his position as prophet and king of the Children of Israel. God be stowed many favours upon Solomon, just like He had done with his father before him. And, as can be seen from this story, Solomon had already shown signs of these great gifts when still a child. Solomon was once in the company of his father, when two men came to ask David to judge between them.

The first of the two said that he owned a vineyard of which he took great care the whole year through. But one day when he was absent, the other man’s sheep had strayed into the vineyard and devoured its grapes. He asked to be compensated for this damage. Upon hearing the man’s complaint, Solomon suggested that the owner of the sheep take the other man’s vineyard to repair and cultivate until the vines returned to their former state, whereupon he should return it to its owner.

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Islamic stories about lives of prophets - David

After the death of Moses, the Children of Israel put all the things they considered sacred into a special chest called the Ark of the Covenant. Among the things included in the Ark of the Covenant were the clay tablets on which their sacred book, the Torah, was written as well as the staff of Moses which God had transformed twice into a snake. Whenever the Children of Israel went into battle, they would send the Ark with the vanguard. This reassured them greatly and gave them certainty of victory.

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Moses and the Pharaoh (Part 3)

Islamic stories about lives of prophets - Moses

The day agreed upon was called the Day of the Feast, and the Pharaoh had gathered all the best magicians of the land to compete with Moses e. During the course of the morning, people began assembling in a large square outside the town. By the time the Pharaoh arrived accompanied by the highest magicians, a huge crowd had already gathered. Everyone was curious to see how Moses with his brother by his side, would confront the Pharaoh.

It was decided that the magicians should start the contest.

The magicians began by throwing ropes on the ground and, us ing their magic, they made the ropes appear to move like snakes. On seeing this, Moses was frightened. But God inspired him to cast down his staff which became a large snake at swallowed up all of the magicians’ ropes.

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Moses and the Pharaoh (Part 2)

Islamic stories about lives of prophets - MosesMoses left Eypt secretly on foot. He walked day and night through the desert, eating berries and grass until he reached the edge of the desert. There he came upon a group of shepherds with their flocks at a well. The shepherds were arguing over who should water his sheep first. Moses was able to quench his thirst at the well, then he sat down to rest in the shade of a tree. As he sat, he saw two girls with their sheep some distance away from the crowds.

He went over to them and asked them why they had not joined the other shepherds. They replied that they were forced to wait until the other shepherds had finished, for their father was very old and they had to take care of all the sheep. Upon hearing this, Moses immediately took their flock and drove it through the crowd to the water. When the sheep had been watered. the girls thanked him and Moses returned to rest under the tree.

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Moses and the Pharaoh (Part 1)

Islamic stories about lives of prophets - Moses

Jacob and his sons settled in Egypt at the invitation of Joseph whose power in the land was second only to that of the King. When Jacob sensed that his death was near, he summoned his sons and questioned them about their faith:

“What will you worship after me?” They said “We shall worship your God, the God of your fathers, Abraham, lshmael and Isaac, One God, and to Him we have surrendered.”

(Quran, 2:133)

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Joseph and his Dream (Part 1)

The Life of Islamic prophets -  Joseph's Dream

Earlier we saw how God blessed Sarah for her patience and faith by giving her a son, Isaac, and a grandson, Jacob, both of whom were prophets. Jacob in turn had twelve sons. Of them all, the one he loved most was Joseph, a handsome boy of high intelligence and a kind nature. One night, as he slept, the young Joseph dreamt that the sun, the moon and eleven planets were prostrating themselves to him. When he woke up, he hurried to tell his father of his dream. On hearing Joseph’s dream, Jacob understood that a great event lay in store for his young son. Jacob warned Joseph not to tell his brothers of his dream, lest they be envious and try to harm him, for Jacob knew that they were jealous of Joseph’s favored position.

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